Resta Cu' 'mme
Album Title: Resta Cu' 'mme
Artists: Domenico Modugno
Released: 2013-03-30
Format: MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps
Genre: World,Pop,Music
Price: Free
ORIGIN: Polignano a Mare, Italy
BORN: 1928-01-09
Catalog Number: 43144 84389

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Resta Cù 'mme.mp3, Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu (Volare).mp3, 'o Sole Mio.mp3, Mese 'e Settembre.mp3, Vecchio Frack.mp3, Libero.mp3, La Cicoria.mp3, Strada 'Nfosa.mp3, Ciao Ciao Bambina (Piove).mp3, E Vene 'o Sole.mp3, Magaria.mp3, Nisciuno Pò Sapé.mp3, 'o Ccafè.mp3, Pasqualino Maragià.mp3, A Pizza C'a Pummarola (Dal Film "lazzarella").mp3, Sole, Sole, Sole (E Vene 'o Sole).mp3, Come Prima.mp3, Ninna Nanna.mp3, Io, Mammeta e Tu.mp3, Lazzarella.mp3, Lu Pisce Spada.mp3, La Sveglietta.mp3, Don Fifi.mp3, Vitti Na Crozza.mp3, La Donna Riccia.mp3, Mafia.mp3, Giovane Amore.mp3, Zitto Zitto, Doce Doce.mp3, 'o Specchio.mp3, Selene.mp3,

About Domenico Modugno

Domenico Modugno became one of the first Italian artists in the popular music field able to achieve an international star status, touring worldwide and selling a million records released in different languages. With a guitar in his hands, he began composing at the age of 15, taking the first step of an amazing career devoted to acting, singing, and songwriting. Inspired by the movies, Domenico Modugno began attending the Experimental Center of Cinematography, making his debut in 1951 while playing a role in Eduardo de Filippo's Filomena Marturano. The opportunity to attract the attention of music-related executives came after participating in a Frank Sinatra tribute broadcasted by a local radio station. In 1958, Domenico Modugno joined San Remo's Festival with a song called "Nel Blue Dipinto Di Blu," also known as "Volare." Considered a classic in the Italian music scene, that song allowed him to achieve two Grammy awards for Album of the Year and Song of the Year. ~ Drago Bonacich

Resta Cu' 'mme

Domenico Modugno

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    2:46 Resta Cù 'mme.mp3
    3:37 Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu (Volare).mp3
    3:56 'o Sole Mio.mp3
    3:51 Mese 'e Settembre.mp3
    3:28 Vecchio Frack.mp3
    2:46 Libero.mp3
    2:17 La Cicoria.mp3
    3:46 Strada 'Nfosa.mp3
    3:08 Ciao Ciao Bambina (Piove).mp3
    3:37 E Vene 'o Sole.mp3
    2:43 Magaria.mp3
    3:25 Nisciuno Pò Sapé.mp3
    2:34 'o Ccafè.mp3
    3:10 Pasqualino Maragià.mp3
    3:20 A Pizza C'a Pummarola (Dal Film "lazzarella").mp3
    3:53 Sole, Sole, Sole (E Vene 'o Sole).mp3
    2:13 Come Prima.mp3
    2:49 Ninna Nanna.mp3
    3:21 Io, Mammeta e Tu.mp3
    3:10 Lazzarella.mp3
    3:12 Lu Pisce Spada.mp3
    2:47 La Sveglietta.mp3
    2:02 Don Fifi.mp3
    3:05 Vitti Na Crozza.mp3
    2:22 La Donna Riccia.mp3
    3:10 Mafia.mp3
    3:53 Giovane Amore.mp3
    3:06 Zitto Zitto, Doce Doce.mp3
    3:16 'o Specchio.mp3
    2:41 Selene.mp3
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